Understanding where you are. Developing insights where to go.
Getting started • Creating ideas, concepts and business options
Market Research


Innovation • Qualitative Research • Quantitative Research • Coaching • Facilitation • Global Reach

We know how to create, launch and run businesses from technical and marketing perspectives. We understand the corporate realities you face.

We believe the heart is in the understanding of what an enterprise needs to be successful over time. 
We enjoy working with our clients to create a path to address each unique situation and to create new successful opportunities.

We work with clients from an array of industries, including:


• Academia
• Commercial/B2B
• Construction
• Consumer
• Dental
• Home Environment
• Finance
• Food – Packaged, Value-add Commodities
• Foundations
• Healthcare
• Industrial Safety
• Insurance/Re-insurance
• Lawn and Garden
• Non-Profits
• Restaurants
• Retail
• Utilities/Energy

We work with clients to:


• Kick-start growth efforts
• Energize and focus innovation
• Identify growth opportunities
• Evolve business models
• Understand the marketplace
• Assess needs and gaps (current and anticipated)
• Characterize parameters, scope of new products, services, lines, and businesses
• Understand price/value
• Gain Insights to the voice of the customer
• Develop actionable paths for development: products/services, marketing, and go-to-market


Discovery & Innovation

We have partnered in the invention of hundreds of products and services.
We explore needs (both stated and unarticulated), generate ideas, evolve concepts (writing, illustrating, and animating), scope options, evaluate solutions and assist through intellectual property processes.

• Invention
• Ethnographic observations
• Customer behaviors and attitudes
• Customer needs and issues
• Technologies, market/brand/sales strengths

• Trends
• Competitive intrusions
• Builds on acquisitions
• Rounding out portfolios

Qualitative Experience

We have vast experience with many audiences to gain insights of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive buyers’, specifiers’ and consumers’ reactions.
What really motivates people to act?
How do people perceive situations or problems?
What characterizes good, high-value, high-interest solutions?

• Focus groups (in-person, telegroups, web-based platforms)
• In-depth interviews (IDIs)
• Ethnographies
• Expert panels/Delphi panels
• Hybrid methods

Quantitative Experience

• Concept testing
• Customer satisfaction
• Product use/home use tests
• Attribute/product mix testing
• Customized methods

• Attribute trade-off testing (conjoint analysis techniques)
• Market segmentation, using cluster analysis or discriminant analysis techniques
• Price/value, Price sensitivity

Consulting & Coaching

• Creating and launching products and businesses
• Managing brand and P&L
• Acquisition including due diligence
• Coaching leaders regarding business issues, growth opportunities and employee development
• Providing needed capabilities and capacity

Meeting Facilitation 

• Idea generation
• Exploratory workshops (creative and research hybrid)
• Problem solving
• Business and growth strategy and business modeling
• Board meetings
• Advisory panels (key opinion leaders, major customer groups)
• Development team meetings

Global Reach

Our experience is global.

• We have worked in more than 20 countries [North America, South America, Europe, Asia, ASEAN/Oceania]
• Global partnerships with panels, recruiters, local language facilitators, facilities, and translators


For over 30 years, Arundel Street Consulting, Inc. has provided superior consulting services to a wide array of clients. Our business is based upon energizing your project to move forward and to develop actionable results by applying relevant insights, knowledge and experience along the way. We are based upon building strong relationships with our clients and the stakeholders that affect their businesses.

Arundel Street Consulting, Inc. is shaped by people who love solving problems, creating opportunities and providing enthusiastic guidance. Our relationships are far reaching – our team works with recruiters, panels, writers/translators, designers, illustrators, statisticians and videographers (just to name a few) around the world.

Jim Rickert


Jim is the founder of Arundel Street Consulting, Inc., a St. Paul, MN based consulting firm established in 1985.

Jim’s work features business / concept development, facilitating idea generation, invention and growth strategies, leading exploratory projects, designing and leading qualitative and quantitative research, leader coaching and consulting with organizations concerning development issues.


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